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Ceremony Event Info

For family and close friends who have been invited to attend

Ceremony Schedule

Need to know where to be and when to be there? This is the answer to all your questions!

10:00 AM
Happy Campers Arrive and Set the Stage
  • Welcome, lovely people! Our amazing guests arrive at the ceremony venue, ready to embark on a joy-filled adventure of love.    

  • Feel the excitement buzzing in the air as we prepare to create unforgettable memories together.

10:30 AM
Prelude Prelude, It's Time to Get in the Mood
  • Let's set the tone! Guests take their seats and enjoy a delightful prelude, a musical overture that warms our hearts and gets us in the mood for love. 

  • Everyone, get comfortable and ready to embrace the magic that awaits!

10:35 AM
Grand Parade of Love
  • Get ready for a show-stopping entrance: the bride and her partner-in-love take center stage, capturing our hearts in an instant.

10:45 AM
Warm Welcomes and Quirky Banter
  • Get ready for some warm fuzzies! Our officiant welcomes everyone with open arms and a dash of delightful banter.

  • Expect laughs, smiles, and an atmosphere that feels like one big, happy family gathering.

10:55 AM
Quirky Rituals
  • Prepare for the unexpected! We might throw in some cool rituals like unity candle magic or sand art wizardry.

11:05 AM
Vows from the Heart
  • It's the love declaration time! The couple spills their hearts out with personal promises and epic vows.

  • Get your tissues ready, 'cause there might be some tears of joy flowing.

11:15 AM
The Bling Exchange
  • Bring on the bling! The couple exchanges rings, sealing the deal with some serious style.

  • The officiant might sprinkle some magical blessings on those shiny symbols of everlasting love.

11:20 AM
Officially Official and Seal It with a Smooch
  • It's official, folks! The officiant announces the couple as officially hitched, and it's time for the most epic smooch ever.

  • Get ready to cheer, clap, and hoot with delight as love takes center stage!

11:25 AM
Last Words of Wisdom and Let the Adventure Begin
  • Listen up, folks! The officiant drops some wisdom bombs, making sure we all leave with inspiration for a lifetime of happiness.

  • Get ready to hit the dance floor and party like there's no tomorrow!

11:30 AM
Epic Exit
  • Time to strut our stuff! The wedding crew leads the way out, dancing and grooving to the beat.


Ceremony Location

The Details

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